OTORO Tuna belly 350g (Sashimi Grade)

OTORO Tuna belly 350g (Sashimi Grade)
OTORO Tuna belly 350g (Sashimi Grade)

Frozen OTORO Tuna belly Saku (minimum of 350g, average around 370g). Good for Sushi or Sashimi. Only a limited number available.

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Thawing method:

A. By ice water (in order to keep the good texture and crunchy taste)
By putting the fillet/loin product into the ice (or cold) water with the following time for thawing.
Fillet Around 2kg/pc for 180 mins
Loin Around 0.5~1.0kg for 120 mins
Slice Around 100g/pc for 15 mins
*If the product is not fully been thawed, there will be a possibility that the meat will get shrink and get wrapped.

B. By refrigerator (in order to have steady taste)
By putting the product into the chilled room in the refrigerator for 12 hours above for thawing. In order to have better taste and quality of the product, after thawing, we highly suggest customers to eat all at the same day of thawing. If customers cannot finish the product at the same day of thawing, please use plastic wrap or vacuum pack to pack the product and keep into the chilled space in the refrigerator.

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